Founded in 1958, JASEKO is a professional manufacturing industry of Steel and Metal products for more than 55 successful and productive years.
The first workshop and distribution center in Beirut caters the needs of the factory, located in the Bekaa region in Mandara next to Taanayel. 

Producing a full range of steel products, JASEKO's capacity meets its customers' specifications. Advanced production equipments, (perfect) high standard in quality along with inspection systems ensure the required quality. Large scale of production is also available in our facility.

Due to our reliable performance and reasonable prices, our industrial products are well accepted by customers from many parts of the world.

Our Mission:

JASEKO's mission is to provide our customers with quality manufacturing services in an environment of continuous improvement assuring profitable growth to our customers.

Our Vision:

JASEKO's vision is to meet international levels of quality in manufacturing. Custom made products are within our know-how, precision parts in demand and fabrication means are practically executed; the quality we provide exceeds the market expectations. Early deliveries overpass On-time deliveries. Affordable prices allow customers a wide financial range. Ideas, services and solutions solve many problems encountered by customers. Thus customers improve their products and develop their businesses.

Our values:

We use High-Tech Softwares; in our factory Italian and German made machines ensure the level of the production
Well studied competitive pricing and continuous communication with our customer provide a positive business atmosphere.
We are recognized for our dedication to high quality production and outstanding customer satisfaction in Lebanon and overseas.

Partnering With the Community:

We firmly believe in strengthening our community and in helping our younger citizens reach their full potential. When this happens, everyone wins. All of us share a responsibility to make our community better; better for our children, better for our families and better for citizens at large.
We contribute both time and money generously to important community charitable efforts helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Health and Safety Policy;

JASEKO is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our employees and those working on our behalf. We hold the health and safety of our workforce as our highest priority. In our factory hygiene is primordial, suitable rest areas and canteen are provided.

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